Our Legal Program provides resources for NGO support providers and legal practitioners working in the area of human trafficking.

We have created and are continuing to create documents examining the legal framework and the application of the law, regulations and underlying procedures. One of our widely cited publications, From Every Angle: Using the law to combat human trafficking in Southeast Asia, produced in conjunction with TrustLaw, explores trafficking as a crime of crimes. We have also published the first of our legal gap analyses on Hong Kong law.


Aside from publishing research and analysis, our Legal Program also provides support to NGOs on casework and litigation whether by helping to identify possible cases or assisting those seeking legal support.



What’s Next?

We are continually developing new relationships in the legal community and with NGOs on the frontline to help bring together those who can provide legal support and those who desperately need it.

We have further legal gap analyses coming for other jurisdictions—Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam—and we look forward to working with many others in the community to develop the content of these documents.


Most recent publications:
Hong Kong Legal Gap Analysis Overview
Hong Kong Legal Gap Analysis Full Legal Text
From Every Angle
UK Modern Slavery Act: Implications for Asia
Modern Slavery & Corruption - Briefing Paper
Modern Slavery & Corruption - Legal Analysis

Please see our Legal Resource Centre for more references and legal resources.